Thailand’s computer software promotion unit, SIPA, targets medical related software ahead of ASEAN AEC


The Thai Public Health Ministry is preparing Thailand for the advent of ASEAN community and to promote Thailand as the medical hub in the region, and Thailand’s software industry promotion unit plans to help produce medical software.

  • “Since, a medical hub, means highly advance medical related institutions, such as hospital, medical related computer software, such as hospital management software, have become important,” says Public Health Minister Wittaya Buranasiri, local Thai press reports.

The Public Health Minister Wittaya Buranasiri says that the recent Ministry hosted, Thailand Medical Expo 2012, have showcase the readiness of Thailand’s in modern medication and that Thailand has the ability to be the leader in the field of medication in this region when the ASEAN community is formed in three years’ time.  Mr. Wittaya said the government’s strategy in promoting Thailand as an international medical hub in this region, is focusing on 4 main areas, including treatment, salutary promotion, Thai traditional services, and herbal and health products.

  • If all these areas succeeded, Thailand would see an income of 800 billion baht worth of medication and services in the next 5 years.

Taking the cue from the Thai Public Health Ministry, to local press, Thailand’s Software Industry Promotion Agency or SIPA new head said SIPA will work towards gaining world recognition for the Thai software industry before the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, particularly, in developing software for the medical industry.

“We have established the SIPA Academy to produce, particularly, medical software related graduates,” said the new Director of SIPA, Mr. Trairat Chatkaew

The new Director of SIPA, Mr. Trairat, said that SIPA’s strategy will be focused on human resource development and Thai software enhancement in order for the Thai software industry to play a part in the AEC market. The strategy is divided in to 3 phases, short, medium, and long-term.

The short-term strategy will take three months to complete, focusing on internal administration and SIPA’s policy. The 6-month medium-term development involves market penetration, working with both the government and private sectors in all aspects of software industry.  The long-term development will take 12 months, with a focus on foreign market penetration as well as human resource development and training.

  • The training categorizes into 6 groups, namely tourism, transport, medication, education, agriculture, and jewelry industry.

SIPA was established on September 24th, 2003, under the 2006 coup ousted Thaksin administration. SIPA is the main organization in the planning and setting the Thailand’s software industry policy, supporting research, technology transfer, and providing the necessary rules and regulations to promote the software industry as well encourage the protection of intellectual property in software.

Overall, SIPA’s strategy of promoting the software industry in the next few years, are in promotion and development of industrial software and digital content.


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