With large land mass, Thailand targets space technology in geo-informatics for ASEAN


Local Thai press reports that Thailand‘s Science Ministry, has just set up a “Space Technology Development Center” at Thailand’s Geo-Informatics Department with the goals of spurring entrepreneurs in the field and to also push ASEAN to establish a Geo-Informatics Center.

Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and SpaceTechnology Development Agency (GISTDA) is involved in; Forestry, Agriculture, Urban Planning, Environment / Disaster Management.

  • The executive director of the newly created Thailand’s Space Technology Development Agency (STDA), Anond Snidvjngs, said: “We are looking for entrepreneurs and for alliance between Thai and foreign interest for Research and Development to jump-start Thailand’s spare parts for space missions, batteries, mapping and high-resolution satellite imaging areas as related to Geo-Infomatics.”

Anond said the mandate was also to help spur the development of an ASEAN Goe-Informatics Center.

  • Concerning Thailand’s overall space technology development, Thai scientist have built several small satellite that were shot into space, using space capacity by other countries space rockets. On October 1, 2008, for example, the Russian Rocket DNEPR-1 launched successfully the THEOS (Thailand Earth Observation System) satellite.

The STDA center was set-up at Thailand’s satellite control center of Chonburi, and the center is called, “Space Krenovation Park.”

  • Wikipedia says:

Geoinformatics, also: Geographic information science (GIS)[1] and Geographic information technology (GIT),[2] is the science and the technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geographygeosciences and related branches of engineering.  Geomatics is a similarly used term which encompasses geoinformatics, but geomatics focuses more so on surveying. Geoinformatics has at its core the technologies supporting the processes of acquiring, analyzing and visualizing spatial data. Both geomatics and geoinformatics include and rely heavily upon the theory and practical implications of geodesy.

Geo-Informatics is mainly the study of geography using advance information system, and such science would benefit an agricultural country such as Thailand and also help in monitoring, natural events, such as weather, and also logistics transport planning.  Geoinformatics uses geocomputation and geovisualization for analyzing geoinformation and have benefited many area.

  • Wikipedia says:

Many fields benefit from geoinformatics, including urban planning and land use management, in-car navigation systems, virtual globes, public health, local and national gazetteer management, environmental modeling and analysis, military, transport network planning and management, agriculture, meteorology and climate change, oceanography and coupled ocean and atmosphere modelling, business location planning, architecture and archeological reconstruction, telecommunications, criminology and crime simulation, aviation and maritime transport.

The importance of the spatial dimension in assessing, monitoring and modelling various issues and problems related to sustainable management of natural resources is recognized all over the world.

Geoinformatics becomes very important technology to decision-makers across a wide range of disciplines, industries, commercial sector, environmental agencies, local and national government, research, and academia, national survey and mapping organisations, International organisations, United Nations, emergency services, public health and epidemiology, crime mapping, transportation and infrastructure, information technology industries, GIS consulting firms, environmental management agencies), tourist industry, utility companies, market analysis and e-commerce, mineral exploration, etc.

Many government and non government agencies started to use spatial data for managing their day to day activities.


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